Color Line

Early Color Television Receiver Production

1954 - 1964

Color Line

Color Television Receiver Production (by year)

It took more than ten years before there were significant sales of color receivers. This occurred even when the addition of color to black and white television was a significant value added. This is an possible bad omen for the introduction of a high definition service, with its marginal value added of increased picture resolution and widened picture aspect.

Year# Produced RCA Model or Chassis Comments
19545,000 CT-100 (CTC2) (15GP22: 11 1/2" x 8 5/8" rounded)
195520,000 21CT55 (CTC2B, CTC3) thru CTC4 (21AXP22)
195690,000 CTC4 First Simplified Chassis - 26 tubes
195785,000 CTC5 Special & Deluxe (Special: a dog (first < $500), Deluxe: improved wideband color)
195880,000 CTC7 (quality chassis, X&Z demod, dim 21CYP22)
195990,000 CTC9 -
1960120,000 CTC10 (quality chassis, brighter 21CYP22A)
1961140,000 CTC11 (first bright CRT-but orangish red-21FBP22)
1962450,000 - (integral faceplate-21FJP22)
19641,500,000- (> 1.5 M production per year, thereafter)

Source: Dan Gustafson Telcon, July 21, 1996 from Sams Photofact Book on Color TV, 1966

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Color Line